To Do

discipleship & outreach things

Read the entire Bible.

Read it again in a different translation.

Go on a mission trip to a foreign country.

Start filling a sketchbook full of my Bible notes for every year.

Find answers to my faith-based questions via the Cru website.

Give my NIV Bible to someone who doesn’t own one.

Do long-term mission work in an unlikely place.

Get baptized in my church home.

Lead a small group.

Visit Malawi.

Participate in the World Race or YWAM or something of the awesome sort.

Get more involved in urban ministry.

adventurous things

Skydive or hang glide or parasail or bungee jump.

Study abroad. Anywhere.

Hike the Appalachian Trail.

Hike the El Camino.

Visit every continent (except Antarctica…maybe).

Go legit rock climbing.

Go backpacking again.

Make friends with someone who natively lives in a non-USA country.

Run a 5k.

Run the Army Ten-Miler.

Go to a midnight premiere of a movie I truly want to see.

See the Northern Lights.

Get my cartilage/nose pierced.

Take pictures in Derbyshire Road.

Road trip to the beach with friends.

Play music on top of a mountain. Again.

Find out how to get into the tallest point of CNU. Do so. Take pictures.

Get a tattoo.

go things

Drink tea in England.


Arthur’s Seat again.

France again.

Isle of Skye.




San Francisco.





music things

Sing in front of 1000 people at once.

Master sight-reading.

Join a college choir.

Learn how to play Linus & Lucy on piano.

Try something with a looping microphone.

Meet a musician I really look up to.

Perform in at least one more play or musical.

Land a non-ensemble role.

Do something with college worship whilst at CNU.

art things

Launch an Etsy store.

Sell a piece of my artwork on Etsy.

Use art to apply for a college.

Paint a mural.

Paint a pair of TOMS.

Make a t-shirt quilt.

Make art for my parents.

Aggressively decorate my dorm room when I get to college.

Learn how to alter clothing with a sewing machine.

Learn how to knit.

Get a job where I can use my creativity.

Sew a dress.

Paint a wall in my house like this.

Decorate a guitar. (Weird canvases rock!)

Visit an art school.

Visit the DC art museums and spend a really long time there.

Join a collective. Or start one.

Complete #inktober.

Design a tattoo.

photography things

Buy a camera that I don’t hate.

Take on a 365 photography challenge.

Photograph a wedding.

Learn how to use Photoshop and Lightroom.

Add pictures to every blog post for a month straight.

Photograph an important event in someone else’s life.

Get a short-term photography job.

Capture a different country through lens.

scholastic & writing things

Graduate high school.

Graduate college.

Become fluent in French.

Go to the OYAN Summer Workshop.

Get accepted into college.

Attend one of those colleges.

Get ahead in calculus.

Write a book.

Get my work published.

Read all of C. S. Lewis’s books.

Pre-order a book.

Write a DIY blog post.

Write 100 blog posts.

Then, write 500.

Teach a class or congregation.

Guest blog.

2015 things [goals + resolutions]

Learn how to use Photoshop.

Start an official artwork portfolio. Somewhere. Somehow.

Get an internship or job.

Apply to medical school.


4 thoughts on “To Do

  1. Love this! I have a mental bucket list-which manages to morph and things are lost along the way. What a way to keep track of what God is doing in your life and the fun you are having along the way!

    Looking forward to following your 31 days journey 🙂 BTW-got your button on my site today and hope I can send some folks your way-it will be so worth it if they can!

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