Spring break, the second installment.

1. Still taking pictures of the sky even when not in Newport News 2. Questionable thrift shop items 3. Thrifted skirt that isn’t necessarily my style but I’m going with it anyway feat. green socks 4. Morning singing and guitar-playing with my partner in musical crime 5. Visiting the old stomping ground 6. Super cute friend who I’ve known for the entirety of middle school, high school, and now college 7. Paint-covered floor in ye olde scene shop 8. Somebody hung a hammock in the tech booth and made me the happiest 9. Precious table at new coffee shop 10. Friendly reminder that I’m old 

As always, I didn’t take any pictures when visiting youth group – but that doesn’t really bother me. It’s home enough that I can remember just fine. 



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