11. God Calls You

Yes, you, too.

You might not fit into artist or scientist. Maybe you want to be a mom. Maybe you want to be a businessman. Maybe you want to join the military. Maybe you want to support your family and yourself, and you don’t care what it is that you do. Maybe you just want to follow Jesus, and you have no idea where he’s going to lead you.

You – and your purpose – are most treasured by the Lord.


I’ve said before that I struggled a lot with knowing what God’s “plan for my life” was. To figure out what I wanted to do to glorify God, I looked at the gifts he’d given me and the things I loved to do.

That’s where we get it wrong – thinking that one day, the good Lord is going to descend from the heavens in a chariot, knock us down, and say, “YOU ARE GOING TO BE A DOCTOR AND BE A DOCTOR IN ZIMBABWE STARTING NOW.”

In my eighth post, I talked about how God is quiet in the way he speaks to us and that’s why we must be still before him when we are seeking truth and clarity. I also think he is quiet in the way he moves through us, and I believe he gave us a free will, which is why I believe that he doesn’t do the chariots-of-fire-will-for-your-life thing to us.

If you think about it, he’s really never done that, so it doesn’t make sense to assume that he’s going to one day tell you The One Way For Your Life To Go. Even back in the Old Testament, when God was leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land, he didn’t say, “So I’m going to lead you out of Egypt and here’s what you have to do specifically make sure you do this and don’t do this and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.” No. He promised to lead them to the Promised Land, but then he simply said, “Follow Me.” They made plenty of mistakes and plenty of complaints, but God remained faithful through it all and brought them to where he promised he would.

He does this with us, too.

He doesn’t lay it all out for us. I know that if I knew everything that God had planned out for me in my life, I would either a) run screaming in the opposite direction, or b) try to hurry things up or rush through one part to get to another in anticipation, because I don’t always trust in how perfect God’s timing is. And it is. This he has proved to me over and over again. But I know myself, and I know that I’d forget everything he’s taught me about trusting in him if he revealed my future to me.

It is a trust issue, friends, being anxious about our futures. Why do we worry, when God has promised to provide for us over and over and over again in the Word? Why do we worry, when Jesus commanded us to not worry?

We have the same call as the Israelites did. Follow Me. And new promises followed.

Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Follow Me, and you’ll learn about the kingdom of heaven, for the kingdom of heaven is near.

Don’t wait for a map of your future to start following Jesus. He doesn’t call on one specific day. He is calling you to himself now. You can follow Jesus right here, right now.

Follow Me.

Also, disclaimer: following Jesus is hard and it usually always constitutes repentance. As in, giving up that sin/bitterness/addiction that’s been eating you, renouncing it, turning your eyes upon the Lord. That’s how we obey the call of God. It isn’t as glamorous as my preconceived chariots-of-fire-move-to-Africa notion, but it’s where we begin.

Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

Want to be in the Lord’s will? To believe is to begin.



One thought on “11. God Calls You

  1. I found your blog, definitely not on accident, but definitely through the moving of the Holy Spirit.. Cruising on Pinterest, lol. I am so happy that you’ve allowed God to use you to spread His message of love. You have even ignited in me to start a blog! Thank you so much for listening to Gods’ voice. God Bless You 🙂

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