Edinburgh, day 2.

Oh my, it’s late. It’s almost midnight here (I can tell because all the bars surrounding our hotel are quieter now…haha) and I kind of want to throw in the blogging towel and just sleep. (It’s been a sleepy day. I fell asleep at the art museum, for crying out loud. QUELLE HORREUR.) But, tomorrow holds one last day of exploration and I don’t want to be on my phone all day for it.

I’m slowly warming up to Scotland, as time passes. I still would choose to live in London, given the choice. However Edinburgh is, like the eyeball in Sherlock’s coffee, surprisingly okay. Today I’ve gotten to observe a lot, and I’ve seen lots of things that have reminded me of my friends back home, like rocks and puns and graffiti and singing soccer football players. (Yes, my friends are endlessly interesting people and you should get to know them.)

Hours of sleep: 6ish (bar right below our room + drunk Scots singing into the wee hours of the night = no sleep)
Caffeinated beverages consumed: 3 (I’m very proud of myself)

Today I tried harder to appreciate Scotland and observe their quirks and traditions, and I found that I kind of love them.

Colorful flowers, which really stand out and brighten up the gloomy weather.


Cute little chalkboard sidewalk shop signs EVERYWHERE. Some of the artwork on them is just amazing, but they’re all adorable. I wish there was more of that going on in the States.

They sell fabulous raincoats here that are both stylish and functional against the rainy weather. I got one on sale and I absolutely love it. ❤

Another trend I noticed is how the women do beauty. You don't see any plastic surgery or advertisements for looking younger – laughter wrinkles are proudly written on the elderly's faces here. Also, women will wear full-cheeked blush, which looks so nice that I decided to try it out myself. (I tried taking a selfie of it outside, but my face was so pale you couldn't see the blush. Also I've been taking lots of selfies lately and I just don't like selfies at all so I'm irritating myself. But anyway.)

We started out at St. Giles’ Cathedral, which was just lovely, especially because we got to visit during their choir practice. I desperately wanted to join in while they were singing warm-ups.

Next we visited the National Museum of Scotland, which was super interesting and inspiring. I learned a lot about culture, history, art, and even medicine from the exhibits, and visited the very windy rooftop to get some pictures of scenic Edinburgh.

After that, we frequented art museums for the most part, which I was very content with. Also, Scotland is cool and lets you take photographs of paintings in their museums, so I have pictures of Monet’s and Degas’ and Van Gogh’s work on my phone now. Pretty sweet. (But I didn’t use flash on any of them because that is WRONG and dulls the vibrancy of the pigments. You have been warned for future reference.)




And we ate a lot of good food in between. Lots of pizza. Lots of tea. Good stuff, y’all.

And now I’m off to get some sleep for castle-visiting tomorrow. Happy Independence Day to all of you back home!!



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