London, day 3.

Hello again! It is 11 AM London time and I am currently on a northbound train to Edinburgh, Scotland. My time in London was so surreal and wonderful, and it’s already on my bucket list to come back and stay longer. If I can find a means if going to graduate school here, maybe…

But anyways! Here’s day 3 in pictures and words. (Side note: it’s kind of irritating, blogging from my phone. I am thankful for the convenience, but I much prefer my laptop with its real keys. So expect a more eloquent post about London when I have a free moment in the next few weeks!)

Hours of sleep: 8
Caffeinated beverages consumed: I’m embarrassed about the amount of tea I drank yesterday. It was at LEAST six cups. But I went to high tea so that’s the excuse I’m giving. Take it or leave it.

This is not a castle, it’s a museum. You see why I want to move here.

First thing in the morning we visited the Victoria & Albert museum, which I honestly thought would be quite boring but turned out to be full of different mediums of artwork through the centuries. It was basically heaven, especially since there was none of that “modern art” crap that’s displayed in American art museums. (You know, where the artist throws a bucket of paint across a ginormous canvas and everyone delights over the expressionism of it. Um, no. That’s paint on a canvas. Not art. Sorry.)

Next we went to Harrod’s, the palace department store. This is where I picked out five pretty tins of tea to bring back to my friends, only to find that they cost £56 EACH. Nope. Sorry, friends.



Although I did eat this fudge cube at the pizzeria in Harrod’s and it was DELICIOUS.



So we left Harrod’s with absolutely nothing because it was too expensive and I got my friends grocery store tea because I love them.

But it looks really delicious, so. Tea parties await.

Speaking of tea, next we visited the Kensington Palace, gardens and Orangery to tour and have high tea. I didn’t want to leave.

At the gates of the palace, people still filled the fence with flowers and notes for Princess Diana, who died over 15 years ago.


And then we took a walk through the palace gardens to get to the Orangery and…HIGH TEA. It was beautiful and elegant and very, very delicious. I very much appreciate how tea is taken so seriously here.



After that, we ha a few free hours until we had to go to another play (39 Steps, at the Criterion theatre – SO GOOD. It has only four actors and involves a lot of overacting and hilarity. Highly recommend.) so we had to be the geeks that we are and go to Baker Street.


I was not disappointed in the least.

And then, after a few drinks at Ham Yard…

(HAHA nope. It’s ginger ale. Although the drinking age is eighteen here, I opted out.)

I’ll be back later today for Scotland, day 1! Cheerio, England!


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