Edinburgh, day 1.

It was really hard leaving London. I didn’t want to leave. London or home, I say. But, there was a brother awaiting us for a visit in Scotland, so away we went on the train, 4 hours north to this significantly colder location. (although, according to my father, this is the farthest north I’ve ever traveled in my life. Yay!)

Hours of sleep: 6
Caffeinated beverages consumed: 5 (I’m done being ashamed of this because the coffee and tea is just too delicious over here.)

Early in the morning, we took one last ride on the Underground to King’s Cross Station, where I found THIS lovely gem.

YEAH. I nerded out and wished that all my other Potterheads could be there to fangirl with me. Maybe someday.


After an awesomely long and relaxing train ride (did I mention we have been walking over 10 miles every day since we’ve been here? The walking isn’t a challenge but I just want to run barefoot through fields and NOT walk on cobblestone for a long while.), we arrived in Scotland, the land of musical accents and magical castles.



(My brother is GOING TO SCHOOL in this castle. It’s a nonprofit building that people can rent out to hold classes and things in. So cool.)

Oh and speaking of my brother, we met up with Jake at an art museum, went on a walk through an absolutely breathtaking botanical garden, and then went to dinner.


(Squirrels and birds coexisting in perfect harmony. Also the squirrels ate food out of people’s hands. A far, far cry from the maniac squirrels of Virginia…)




Aaaand that’s all I have for you, folks. The sky is not getting darker here (because it’s north, it’s a land of midnight sun like Alaska is.)

To be very very honest with you, Scotland’s depressing me a little. I went from London, which was bright and colorful and busy, and where I felt right at home, to here, where everything is dark and gloomy and quiet. I can see why Jake likes it here – not because he’s a gloomy person, but it’s a quiet town that’s windy, not too crowded, and full of interesting places and characters, and that’s definitely his speed – but I just feel lonely and anxious and about ready to head home and spend a week with my church people.

But hey, this is a new country, and there’s much to explore in the next two days. I will do my best to make the most of it. ^_^

Au revoir!


One thought on “Edinburgh, day 1.

  1. Don’t forget to visit Elephant House — where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. Allison loved it!

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