London, day 1.

No, I don’t have a clever creative name for this series. I’m in England, and then in three days’ time I’ll be in Scotland, where the name will change to ‘Scotland, day 1″ and so forth.

Anyways. I am here and it is amazing! It’s about 11 PM currently and I am attempting to get on a fairly regular sleeping schedule. All my world-traveler friends told me I just needed to stay awake through the first day and all would be well thereafter. It’s been a long day (with lots of desire to take naps standing up), but I didn’t fall asleep.

So here’s all that went down today.

Hours of sleep: 2.5
Caffeinated beverages consumed: 4.5

We ate really good food and visited some awesome places – The British Museum, this awesome little local art store called Cass, and Selfridge’s (which was WOW SO BIG and I wanted to buy everything).

Speaking of buying things, it appears that I have misplaced or lost my debit card, which was my only source for money for my time overseas. I’m pretty annoyed about it – because I hate losing things and I wish this would have happened at a less inconvenient time – but I’m trying my best to trust in Sunday morning’s lesson at church: God is above and within all things, so he has strong, valid reasons for these things to happen to us (things that we may never understand, I might add). And he works within every problem and brings it to redemption. Knowing that makes me feel a little better. (But regardless, please pray that it comes back into my possession this week, because I really don’t want to deal with identity theft and all that jazz…)






(This is an entire wall dedicated to teapots. You see what I mean.)



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