The past season, summarized.

It’s been occurring to me that I haven’t been keeping TRA updated, like, at all, and this evening will mark (in my book) the first event of summer, and I feel like I can’t just skip over this past season. It’s been really busy. So, I make this post in the hopes of getting back to blogging regularly and not feeling guilt over “but I haven’t told them about such-and-such yet!” 

So, without further ado, here is The Last Few Months of My Life, which basically is just vague commentary and ALL THE PICTURES. Here goes:

1. I was in a show. Well. You know that. But whatever.


I made some lovely friends, and learned so much about acting and musical theatre and life, and learned what it was like to be really and truly stressed out beyond belief. But, Beauty and the Beast is one of my very favorite shows, and I’m so thankful that I got to be a part of it for my last show.






(This lovely image is credited to Brian Knapp, who did such a great job of capturing the show each weekend. Check out his photography page!)

And, in between shows and rehearsals, we would go out and buy lunch and just hang out together, and I enjoyed that so much.


Many fun times and much love. What a wonderful season!

2. Real, actual progress on my novel is being made.

Some of you know that I took on an extra English course this year called One Year Adventure Novel, wherein I write a fiction novel in a year. Through this, I have learned that it is nonfiction writing where my heart truly belongs, and also fiction writing is just plain HARD. And not really my thing, I think. But, as I started the novel, I must finish it, also because one of the things on my summer agenda is to attend a summer workshop with Anna that sort of requires a finished novel to be worked on there. But I finally got out of my writer’s block-ness and hopefully will have my novel finished by the 23rd! I didn’t know I was capable of writing so many words. Contrary to popular opinion, writing a fiction novel is a rather difficult, long-suffering process. I am feeling a wee bit proud of myself for making progress on it, especially since I’m not very good at tackling big projects in small doses, as writing requires.



3. Other school went/is going well. 

I finished NOVA pretty well, despite the very average test scores I got in Anatomy from not having lots of study time at shows. ;P My semesters at NOVA taught me a lot – to not, not, not judge people who go to community college instead of Prestigious University, because these students really do come from all walks of life. They’re not all bums. Some are dual-enrolled high schoolers, like me. Some went to Prestigious U and got pointless degrees and are now at NOVA and working, getting a better degree and trying to pay off their student loan debt. (Choose majors wisely, Prestigious U friends.) Some are international students who work harder at their studies than I ever have in my life. You will see everyone there – and you can reach out to all of them. It was an eye-opening experience for sure.

As to my homeschool school, I’m just finishing up Calculus and finance this weekend, and will continue to write my novel until the workshop rolls around. Homeschooling has been such a new and wonderful experience. I’ll reflect on it in a post sometime, but not today. 

It’s weird being done with high school, too. But again, that’s another post.

4. I went to prom on a boat and it was really great.

Seriously. I went to prom on a boat. It was a dinner cruise, and it was pretty much the best prom experience I think anyone could ever have, ever. I was with all my favorite people, the senior committee invited me to help pick out music for them, so none of the music was Pitbull crap or boring Top 40. T’was quite wonderful. I went with my best guy friend as a date, ordered a dress from Etsy, and had my hair styled by a hair wizard (did you know my hair was capable of being styled? I didn’t.).





And now I’m off to my next adventure, to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert. It’s great to be back in the blogging world! I’ll do my best to keep this summer nice and updated. ^_^ Good things await.



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