Road Trips, Surprise Parties, Gigantic KitKat Bars, and Arguably the Longest Nap Ever

This is a short-ish post, because writing assignments and positively exhaustive Dave Ramsey homework awaits me, but I thought I should update.

1. I went on my Very First Road Trip All By Myself yesterday morning, to pick up Jake from JMU. It’s an easy two-hour drive down 66 & 81, but I found it rather exhilarating and exciting. I think road tripping is my thing. I hope many more road trips await before the Crazy Summer of 2014 arrives. The only thing about road trips is that they kind of wipe me out, cause I was pretty tired when I got home. But Anna took me for coffee, and then…

2. Apparently, this spring is the Spring of Surprise Parties, because although I aided in throwing my friend Brianna one this past Sunday (and I’m taking her senior pictures next week, too!) I did not see A SURPRISE PARTY OF MY OWN COMING. Yeah. My friends threw me one. (: Looking back on it, I should have guessed, because this year I decided to go around complaining that my parents were telling me to throw a party! And I hate throwing myself parties! And I just wish someone would throw one for me! Also, many a suspicious element was involved in the party planning, but my family and friends took my sheer gullible-ness into account whilst planning, and I had no idea any of it was coming. It was a lovely party. One of the best I’ve ever had. (And that was probably because I didn’t plan it myself.) I didn’t get any pictures because I was too overwhelmed with the socializing and such, but there was pizza and ice cream cake and lots of celery, and we played lots of games outdoors and in. And I got some pretty awesome gifts, although my friends being there for me was enough to make me happy. Which leads to…

3. My best guy friend. Gabe. He remembers pretty much every conversation we’ve ever had ever, and about a month ago he said he would get me a giant KitKat for my birthday. And I kind of laughed at him, because those don’t exist. You can get giant Hershey bars from Hershey Park, but not giant KitKat.

So he made me one.


Oh yes he did. Apparently mere nonexistence of what he promised was not enough to deter him from producing it anyway.

It’s made out of chocolate (I guess he melted it??) and those yummy wafer things. AND IT ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE A KITKAT. It’s about twice the size of a loaf of bread and weighs about 3 pounds. This is simultaneously the weirdest and most hilarious gift I think I have ever received.

4. Which brings us to today. Yesterday was one of those days that just feels like the longest day of your life (although I have had many days like that lately…) so today I took a FOUR HOUR NAP to make up for all the lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing. *big sigh* And I’ve been alternating between watching A:TLA (another wondrous birthday gift), giving feedback on people’s writing on the OYAN forum, and doing homework. Now that I’m thinking about it, I have another thing to post…so I’ll be back soon. (;



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