Grapefruit and Sugar

Have you ever done something that you used to do a long time ago, and it brings back a happy childhood memory?

I could probably write forever about how much I love the concept of memory, because we can re-experience our joys so well with them, even the ones we initially forgot about. 

My mom has started shopping at Trader Joe’s, and I have started attempting to eat more fruits and vegetables, so she combined those two beginnings a few weeks ago and brought home a wagonload of fresh produce. Included amidst the bags of spinach and carrots and apples were two grapefruits. Today, I cut one in half, put some sugar on it, and started eating it, and it brought back a flood of happy Kansas memories, back from my latter-years of elementary school. 

I mean, not too many Kansas memories were happy ones because I had a rough time fitting in at the private school I attended, but I remembered how my mom would cut a grapefruit in half after dinner, put sugar on each one, and then give one to me, and we’d eat them together, scooping out each section with a spoon. I’ve always loved the smell of grapefruit, but I didn’t really realize that it might be because of this happy little memory stored in the back of my mind until now.

My mom and I actually have a lot of little food-traditions, and I think that’s awesome. She used to make me tea on public-school nights when I’d be stressed out over homework. (Used to because now I make myself cups and cups of tea all the time, haha.) She sometimes brings home California rolls for herself and me, and now every once in a while she’ll bring me a Trader Joe’s peanut-butter cup from the downstairs stash while I’m doing homework.

So these random foods will always remind me of my mom and how wonderful she is. If I ever have a daughter, I hope she likes grapefruit and sugar.



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