Snaps: Chilly & Chili

This Saturday, the Youth Leadership Council at my church made pots and pots of chili and delivered them to the homeless in our area. The high temperature for that day was about 34 degrees.

I learned a lot that day. Firstly, I discovered that being out in this cold induces a certain kind of crazy. We pleasant, sometimes shy, almost always polite group of church kids turned into a bunch of wackos in efforts to stay warm. 







We may have looked like a circus with all the random kinesthetics we were doing. Makes for good pictures, anyhow. (;

Even amidst all of our fun craziness and screaming about the cold, it really bothered me to think that there are thousands of people in America alone who are suffering in this cold and don’t have anywhere to go. Jumping jacks in the cold are fun for us, but survival effort for them. And that makes me sad. I am tempted to sneak out in the middle of the night and give away all our sleeping bags, or better yet, invite some of the homeless people we fed over to stay warm for the night and have some tea. But I’m not sure my parents would fly with that idea. 

But one thing that gave me some hope was this one man in the group of people we fed. As I put a handful of cheese on his chili, he smiled at me and walked away a bit, proclaiming, “God is so good! God is good all the time!” 

And if it’s true for a man who has next to nothing, then it’s true for me and you too, despite our shortcomings and impatiences. We always have a cause for joy, no matter what situation we may be in. Because God is so good. God is good all the time.



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