Marvelous (and Literally Blinding) Light

I was driving home from a haircut today at around 4:30ish, and geez.

Because of Daylight Savings, the sun is now setting earlier and such, and so at 4:30, no matter what angle I twisted my little overhead shader thingy to, I got completely blinded by the setting sun the entire way home. 

Aside from awkwardly holding up my hand at some stoplights and checking the mirror to inspect the color my eyes turn when the sunlight hits them (so vain…haha), I was just thinking about what the glory of the Lord looks like compared to our own sun.

The sun is not the brightest star in the universe as we know it, and we as humans can barely look at it. Also, God would not create anything to be even remotely as bright and glorious as He is. 

So He will be glorious in ways that we can’t even visualize. And as our sun transforms everything it lands on – shining through rain to bring a rainbow, shining on seeds to help them grow into mighty trees, shining through autumn leaves to fill the world with color – how much more transformed will we be in the presence of Jesus?

Just something to think about. Wow. 

I will also take this opportunity to share my favorite worship song just because ya know. 

Watch, and run into marvelous light with me?



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