Just Go With It – An Argument In Favor of Spontaneity

I was going to have this be the second Rooftop Thoughts, but since I’m in an airplane as I type this I don’t think it quite counts. Hooray, regular blog post!

So last night I had social interaction with other human beings for the first time since Monday morning. This may not seem to be a big deal to some of you, because you may be introverted or have lots of siblings or just be okay with being home alone for long periods of time, but to me it is a HUGE DEAL.
This is how I am wired. I am an introverted extravert, which means I gather most of my energy from other people but eventually get tired with too many/too much time with them. If I’m alone for too long, I start to wilt. This is especially bad during the summer, when there can be long stretches of days with no people to see. I like the school year better, honestly, for this reason.
 So anyway, it was my first social interaction in a couple of days. I’ve found that if I haven’t had a good week, or times have been really slow, I will be more intense with my emotions when I finally get to a social event. Last night was great. I laughed until I cried multiple times, thoroughly enjoyed seeing my friends’ reactions to the movie we went to see (I had seen it once already), and I got soaked by a fountain in the pavilion across from the theater. Sheer joy.
Post-getting soaked. my best friend mentioned that I was a very spontaneous person, saying that spontaneous was my middle name. And it totally wasn’t judgmental or hurtful in any way, but for some reason in that moment I felt almost…guilty?…for being spontaneous and doing things spur-of-the-moment. It was a moment where I didn’t have pride in myself, even though by being spontaneous I wasn’t committing a sin. (Not your fault, Anna, by the way <3)
 I have felt like this before. Some of the people I love most are planners and prefer to follow a carefully planned agenda at all times. The thoughts that proceed their actions generally do not sound like, “You know what?” or “YOLO.” And I do love my plans, sometimes. I like having all of my schoolwork especially in order and marked by the hour. Checklists are my good friends. Plans are a great idea for helping you figure out what direction you want to take in life.
 But, sometimes God’s plans are a little more beautiful than yours, and they can come in the form of golden opportunities. I don’t think all opportunities come from years of careful planning. I think some opportunities show up when you least expect it, or when it would be an inappropriate time to take it, or when someone who you want to please is watching. And they are gifts from heaven, in my opinion. Here’s why.
Say you’ve always wanted to run through that pavilion fountain. And all of a sudden you’re there, and it’s summer, and the fountain is on, and the movie is over, and your friends are all standing around talking about nothing. This moment has been orchestrated so that if you wanted to just go with your gut and run into the fountain and let it wash over you and ruin your hair, you could. Nothing is stopping you except your own lack of a will to be weird, or your fear of judgment, or whatever.
 And it, my friends, is worth itDon’t go repinning all those hipster quotes about being “wild & free” or “those crazy nights” if you don’t have the courage to run through your hypothetical pavilion fountain. That’s hypocritical, y’all. If you’ve actually been there before, you’ll agree with me – spur-of-the-moment choices can bring you a lot of happiness. They generally make me feel amazing. And, if the outcome is anything short of amazing, it can be an entertaining story to tell. If you have nothing to lose, let go of your insecurity and just DO IT.
 What this does not apply to is the big decisions – don’t even think about using this attitude when you’re thinking of giving in to peer pressure, not studying for an exam, acting out in anger, or going all the way with your significant other. If you do have something to lose, don’t make momentary decisions. Common sense, man, but I’m telling you now in case you weren’t sure so you don’t end up on Teen Mom because you took a Christian girl’s advice.
 But, to my fellow planners out there, I encourage you to go with your gut sometimes, and run into your own pavilion fountain. It’s good for the soul. It builds confidence and character. It will create magical moments you’ll remember forever. And who knows? Maybe someday your friend will say spontaneous is your middle name too. If they do, let me know. (:
Got any stories of spontaneity to share? Comment below!

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